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Offering a wide range service to assist you in all areas of your business

Times available:- 8am – 4pm & 11pm – 8am

Also on larger tasks we will evaluate hours and give you an estimate of hours and work out a sufficient package deal to suit all customers budget and needs. We also have a set task service with a list of 40 task that we will be completed in less then an hour, so for £ 20 they will disappear of your to do list in an efficient manner. And will give you an idea what our virtual assistant staff can do within one hour. We aim to give you our customers the best value for your money.

  • You only pay for as many or as less hours as your require.
  • If the task only takes 5hrs and you apply for 8hrs, we will only charge/bill for the hours our employees work.
  • Create and send an email campaign to prospects
  • Create a LinkedIn company page
  • Write a blog entry
  • Research travel costs and times, and check availability
  • Flight booking, accommodation booking and car rental for a vacation or trip
  • Chase up for outstanding invoices
  • Research a competitor x 1
  • Write a newsletter article
  • Remind you of important dates via email or sms
  • Write and schedule 25 automatic tweets for your twitter account
  • Email your business clients to tell them about a new product or service
  • Write a how to guide
  • Submit a res release on your business online to article sites
  • Setup a Google calender and import all of your appointments
  • Convert word documents into PDF
  • Design a survey for your clients/prospects
  • Scan LinkedIn for questions in your target market that you can answer
  • Send a bulk sms campaign to your customers
  • Copy. Type 6 pages of text from fax/hard copy
  • Mail merge and print address labels
  • Review your twitter followers and approve them
  • Find the perfect picture of your website
  • Thank you for all your clients for attending and event with personalized letter via emails
  • Find journalists contact details for your press release
  • Create a powerpoint presentation
  • Invoice your clients
  • Type a 15min audio report and proof read it
  • Set up an Amazon affiliate so that you can get paid for books you recommend to people
  • Spin articles for better SEO and avoid duplicate content online
  • Send follow up emails to new clients. e.g. Terms and conditions, new welcome letters

Payment System

The payment system we offer PayPal & World Pay

The customer pays per hour and gets charged per hour, they request set amount of hours and what level before the VA starts, we valuate the job and send a rough quote of the hours needed, any additional hours will be emailed to the client before being billed, to them aware.

Get the help you need for your business so that you can work on our business and not for it

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