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Why Us

Offering a wide range service to assist you in all areas of your business

1 – Here at Virtual Aide, we are 100% dedicated to the growth of your business

2 – We will handle whatever you throw at us, No task is not achievable

3 – We aim threw our extensive research by our dedicated employees to bring you the best value and price for the services you require. Be it booking a hotel or flight, to extensive research for your company – business

4 – We will try our up most to get the task or tasks done in efficient time

5 – We do cost per task, listed within 1 hour tasks

6 – We cater to small, larger businesses – company and the general person with a hectic lifestyle that just wants to lighten the load and let our team setup meetings, arrange breaks, or shop for them within a budget, that hasn’t got the time for expensive research, or maybe book tickets to a show for the family that you cant obtain. Or even setup an event for a birthday special occasion in a vertain area within the budget you require, we aim to solve big and small problems for people in all walks of life, and save people time, so you can have more time for the things in life that are more necessary – The growth of your business, starting a new one (entrepreneur) or just general time enjoying more time doing the things in life you are interested in.

7 – Entrepreneur researcher that need more time focusing on the growth of there business

8 – We do personal shopping

Our personal assistants never get sick or take time off, they are available 24/7 365 days a year. From working Christmas day to bank holiday, your work and research will be getting progressed even when you sleep.

Confidentiality Agreement

Our clients terms include a comprehensive confidentiality agreement between you and a Virtual aide employee. We use watts’ in security because it has end to end encryption and is untraceable and it’s fast.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

All our PAs are subject to robust, broad non-disclosure agreements covering everything they do at your business/company

Even if you are a workaholic and perfectionist and you don’t have enough hours in the day, our assistants will work and research while you sleep for affordable prices. e.g. 12 Midnight to 8am then you take back after all the time consuming research and data entry is compete, time is money

Get the help you need for your business so that you can work on our business and not for it

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